twin xl comforter setNow that my son has graduated from high school I am working on getting him the items that he will need for college in the fall. I know that it is still ages away, but for now I have been helping my son pick things out. He is excited about college and wants to get ready for it now, so I am helping him find all of the different items that he needs.

One items that he will definitely need for his dorm is going to be a new comforter set that will fit those college beds. He will be sleeping on a twin extra-long bed which means that he will need some blankets and sheets that will make it so that he is able to fit them on the bed without any kind of a problem.

I have been showing him some different twin XL comforter set options that I have found online so that he can get a good idea of what is out there. My son wants to have a set that is grey and orange since he thinks that this set is one that really looks great and will be nice to have on the bed. I can’t wait to help him find other things for college.

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shoe rack organizerWhen we laid new carpet in our home, we also made a rule that said that everyone coming into the house had to take their shoes off at the door. This wasn’t something that was exactly easy to do at first, but eventually we all started to remember that we had to take off our shoes on a regular basis. We were able to take off shoes all of the time without any issue.

Of course, one of the big problems that did come from this was that there ended up being a huge pile of shoes by the door all of the time. This was a problem because the shoes in a pile were really ugly and not very pleasant at all. We had to do something to make sure that these shoes weren’t the first thing that people coming into our home saw.

I started to look for some different types of shoe racks that I might be able to use to make sure that he shoes were all in an organized area. I eventually found a very attractive shoe rack organizer that I feel looks great in my home. The organizer can fit several pairs of shoes so we don’t have to worry about not having enough room for all of them.

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contemporary floor lampWhen I recently was trying to read in my living room, I realized that I was having a lot of trouble seeing the words because it was really dark in there when it was dark outside. I knew that I had a few lamps already in the room, but clearly this was not really enough for me to work with. I ended up having to look for some more lamps.

I decided that if I got a few floor lamps this would probably be helpful since these lamps are usually good at lighting up a much larger area than a standard table lamp. I was able to look at a few different lamps like this so that I could find one that would look right for the space. I knew that it had to be something with a contemporary look to match my decor.

To make sure that I would be able to get all of the lighting in my living room that I really needed for the space, I had to have a lamp that would give off a good amount of light. I looked at several options and eventually decided on a couple of contemporary floor lamps that had multiple bulbs. These definitely helped to brighten up the place a great deal.

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bathroom decorative mirrorI recently had something happen behind my bathroom wall which for some reason meant that the mirror that I had hanging on the wall fell to the ground and broke into many pieces. I hated having to clean up the broken mirror, but even more I hated that it was broken. It was a good mirror and I had hoped that I would be able to have it on the wall for longer.

Now, I have a major problem because there is no mirror in my bathroom. This makes many of my morning tasks really difficult since I don’t have a mirror to help me do my hair or brush my teeth. I absolutely hate having to work without a mirror, but it is even more annoying to have to use the mirror that is in the living room for this kind of a task.

I have started to look for some good replacement decorative mirrors that I will be able to use in my bathroom all of the time. I have tried looking at some bathroom decorative mirrors that will be good replacements for the one that smashed. I have found a few that I really like, so hopefully I will be able to get one that will work well for me.

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